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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smyths Toy Store Flick Trix

Flick Trix
Smyths Toy Store was design Flick Trix. It's name Flick Trix BMX Assortment. This toy is the only miniature BMX bikes that use authentic licensed BMX graphics. it's so cool. Sit your fingers on the bike - pedal and perform awesome stunts with the finger size BMX. The Flick Trix BMX Bike features real working parts and inter-changable handle bars for doing super cool tricks. Flick Trix BMXing is a great way to encourage hand eye co-ordination, a cool finger sport.
do you know? Styles and colours vary. so, you have much choices. you ready to have it?

To see pictures of this toy, you can see the following figure. There are 2 colors, blue and yellow. fantastic, there are parts that can be changed. steering wheel and pedals can be removed. so you can select which ones you like. amazing.

Flict Trix Blue BMX
Flict Trix Yellow BMX
Let's look about how to game with it in this video:

And you know, this trix ca you get in Smyths Toy Store now. Enjoyed.

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